The first nft project with telegram channels integration
TON Animals
Red List
TON Animals Red List is the first NFT project on the TON platform using the functionality of Telegram Channels with the possibility for NFT owners to benefit* in TONCOIN
TON Animals Red List
13333 NFT
each NFT
designed especially for the TON platform and integrated into Telegram channels
is one-of-a-kind drawing matching an endangered animal from the Red list
PRIVATE pre-sale in our telegram channel
with Telegram
A separate Telegram Channel is being created for the NFT collection TON Animals Red List, which allows followers to purchase a paid subscription, and make donations via TONCOIN using the Donation service. NFT owners obtain their part of the reward* from each subscriber and each donation in the form of 50% of the payment amount.
Paid subscriptions and donations are possible for the whole NFT collection (in this case, all NFT owners will get their part of the reward*, and for individual animals (for instance, "Tigers") as well.

*yield rules do not apply to US citizens due to the position of the SEC
Animals red list is the first project which will get straight nft-telegram connection
We are building a project where participants not only possess unique digital art in the form of NFT, but also have the potential to receive rewards for owning NFT in TONCOIN as well as support endangered animal species
The project is monetized through Telegram channels

created by professional agency which specializes on Telegram community work

of the payment amount goes to NFT owners depending on the payment purpose
of any payment goes to the International Fund for Animal Welfare
of the payment goes to the team to cover the project development and maintenance costs
80% of nft
10% of NFT
to be sold via presales, airdrops, and allocated to market as part of the project's marketing program
10% of NFT
to be held by the project team to fund and support program
to be sold via the open marketplace at the launch of Telegram's NFT platform
Level 1 - critically endangered species
2791 species
! catch the private pre-sale
each nft refers to a specific endangered animal from the red list. currently the total number of such animals is 13 333
Level 2 - endangered species
4314 species
Level 3 - vulnerable to extinction
6228 species
Every level includes gradations of rarity — 5 species:
common / rare / mythic / epic / legendary
Rarity is awarded to a species at the stage of NFT creation. The rarity determines the cost of an NFT
december 2021
Project launch
Launch of NFT sales on the TON open market platform
Q3 2022
Release of all NFT publicly
Q3 2022
Creating smart contracts for NFT on TON blockchain
Q2 2022
Marketing of created Telegram channels
Q1 2022
First NFT presale
February 2022
Launch of the Telegram channels
february 2022
Integration with Donate
january 2022
Project release in other languages
january 2022
Project's validation by the TON community
january 2022
Marketing company
january 2022
Agreements with market makers
THE project
Product team of NFT experts
the biggest NFT
channel in telegram
Design and blockchain developers
T.A.R.L Team
Project ideologist
marketing manager
Sergey romanov
Product director
andrew chunin
Андрей Чунин
продуктовый директор проекта
Команда T.A.R.L
и блокчейн разработчики
Самый крупный NFT-канал в telegram
продуктовая команда экспертов NFT рынка
Сергей Романов
идеолог проекта, руководитель маркетингового отдела